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Thank you for this english teacher

Moving to Be Closer to My Lovely Lady
I met my Anna in October of 2012 through Tumblr. She had a thing for gingers, for some strange reason I’ll never understand, and I am a ginger indeed. And I had a thing for dark-haired, exotic beauties, and she is that indeed. So we developed crushes on each other, naturally. It helped that we agreed on all the important things in life, and disagreed only in our opinions of HGTV’s “The Property Brothers”—she thinks they’re handsome, I think they look like the offspring of Clark Kent and Nigel Thornberry.We lived in separate states—still do—but after four months of talking daily on the phone, we told each other those three special words: “I love peanuts.” Shortly thereafter we told each other those other three special words: “I love you.” Which is fitting, really, because she is my peanut.That was in February of 2013. Anna told her parents about me, but because we’re of two different branches of Christianity (she’s Orthodox, I’m Protestant), they did not approve and they forbade her from seeing me.Despite the adversity, over the course of the next year I flew up to Boston from Virginia roughly every six weeks to see her for roughly seven hours per trip, flying back down in the same day to save money on hotels and therefore have more money to come again in another six weeks. Her parents were none the wiser. Hey, you can’t successfully stop love.We’ve been doing that for a year now. Anna (21 years old) is a nursing student and has one more year of schooling left. I (26) am not in school, but I work as an up-and-coming engagement/wedding photographer. Point is, she’s anchored to Massachusetts for at least another year and can’t move down here, but there’s no reason that I can’t move up there. She wants to stay there for a few years past schooling to continue working at her hospital so that she can more easily get another hospital job when she and I move out of Massachusetts together. But for the next few years, we plan on staying near Boston, and hopefully to get engaged by the end of this year.Moving costs money, as do engagements and weddings. I know I’m not going to reach the goal I’ve set here on GFM—the wedding alone could cost that much, and that’s if we’re frugal—but I figure whatever amount we can be gifted will help lift our financial burdens and meet our ultimate goal: marriage.

rebellion has never been so cute 


"paramore was pulled off tour for a week when hayley was 16 because her mom grounded her" is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard

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"My friend’s majestic huskies." -Hellbetty42

i just found this photo in my camera roll and it makes me feel like im in a car speeding around a corner or something
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My little sister, my dad, and my mom all got their first iPhones today. I took them all and downloaded High School Story on them. #sorrynotsorry

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